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Cat.No.ABP000372 Chemical NameSTF-62247/STF62247 MolFormulaC15H13N3S MolWeight267.349 Purity 99%

Chemical Name : STF-62247/STF62247

CAS : 315702-99-9

Synonyms: N-(3-Methylphenyl)-4-pyridin-4-yl-1,3-thiazol-2-amine

Solubility:Soluble in DMSO up to 26mg/ml

Storage:-20C 2 years


Kill kidney cancer cells, Novel Breakthrough. STF-62247 is a selective inducer of autophagy in VHL-deficient renal cell carcinoma cells by inducing cytotoxicity and reducing tumor growth.


1, Turcotte S, A molecule targeting VHL-deficient renal cell carcinoma that induces autophagy. Cancer Cell. 2008 Jul 8;14(1):90-102. 2, Turcotte S,Targeted therapy for the loss of von hippel-lindau in renal cell carcinoma: A novel molecule that induces autophagic cell death. Autophagy. 2008 Oct 13;4(7).