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Active Biopharma Corp is an innovative enterprise dedicated to research and development of bio-active and drug-like molecules. The company aims to provide dedicated chemistry services for the pharmaceutical, biotech industry around the world. Our team includes most qualified and talented experts with extensive backgrounds in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and academia. We have established long-term cooperation with research institutes and several professors are invited as technical advisor. We offer high quality products, quick delivery and competitive pricing backed by a superior customer service. Learn more

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   Active Biopharma Corp’s services include medicinal chemistry research, custom organic synthesis, molecular sourcing and distribution.We would like to provide a full spectrum of pharmaceutical research services Learn more

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Ibrutinib (PCI-32765) Learn more

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Joinhands Sci Park No.4028 Nanhuan RD Hangzhou ,310053 China
Telephone: +86 (0)571 81612335     Mobile: +86 (0) 13336028439

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