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Cat.No.ABP000921 Chemical NameU0126/U-0126 MolFormulaC18H16N6S2 MolWeight380.49 Purity >99%

Chemical Name : U0126/U-0126

CAS : 109511-58-2

Synonyms: 1,4-Diamino-2,3-dicyano-1,4-bis(o-aminophenylmercapto)butadiene


Storage:at -20℃ 2 years


PD0325901 is non-competitive with ATP and is exquisitely specific and highly potent against purified MEK, exhibiting a Kiapp of 1 nM against activated MEK1 and MEK2. PD0325901 is roughly 500-fold more potent than CI-1040 with respect to its cellular effects on phosphorylation of ERK1 and ERK2, exhibiting subnanomolar activity.
A single oral dose of PD0325901 (25 mg/kg) suppressed phosphorylation of ERK by >50% at 24 hours post-dosing.
Anticancer activity of PD 0325901 has been demonstrated for a broad spectrum of human tumor xenografts, significantly inhibiting the growth of 6 out of 7 human tumor models tested. [1]


[1] Judith S. Sebolt-Leopold et al. Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res.2004,45