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Cat.No.ABP000424 Chemical NameA-966492/A966492/ MolFormulaC18H17FN4O MolWeight324.3522 Purity >99 %

Chemical Name : A-966492/A966492/

CAS : 934162-61-5

Synonyms: 2-[2-Fluoro-4-[(2S)-2-pyrrolidinyl]phenyl]-1H-benzimidazole-7-carboxamide

Solubility:Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO

Storage:Store at RT


displayed excellent potency against the PARP-1 enzyme with a Ki of 1 nM and an EC50 of 1 nM in a whole cell assay. In addition, A-966492 is orally bioavailable across multiple species, crosses the blood−brain barrier, and appears to distribute into tumor tissue. It also demonstrated good in vivo efficacy in a B16F10 subcutaneous murine melanoma model in combination with temozolomide and in an MX-1 breast cancer xenograft model both as a single agent and in combination with carboplatin


Corrections to Discovery and Clinical Evaluation of 1-{N-[2-(Amidinoaminooxy)ethyl]amino}carbonylmethyl-6-methyl-3-[2,2-difluoro-2-phenylethylamino]pyrazinone (RWJ-671818), a Thrombin Inhibitor with an Oxyguanidine P1 Motif