Cat.No.ABP000135 Chemical NameAMG458/AMG-458/ MDL: MFCD17169989 MolFormulaC30H29N5O5 MolWeight539.589 Purity >98%

Chemical Name : AMG458/AMG-458/

CAS : 913376-83-7

Synonyms: 2,3-Dihydro-1-(2-hydroxy-2-methylpropyl)-n-[5-[(7-methoxy-4-quinolinyl)oxy]-2-pyridinyl]-5-methyl-3-oxo-2-phenyl-1h-pyrazole-4-carboxamide;AMG458

Storage:at -20


a potent, selective inhibitor of c-Met, a receptor tyrosine kinase that is often deregulated in cancer. AMG 458 was obsd. to bind covalently to liver microsomal proteins from rats and humans in the absence of NADPH. When [14C]AMG 458 was incubated with liver microsomes in the presence of glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine, thioether adducts were detected by radiochromatog


1. Methods for the treatment of cancer

2. Combinations VEGF(R) inhibitors and hepatocyte growth factor (c-met) inhibitors for the treatment of cancer

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