Cat.No.ABP000836 Chemical NameNVP-AUY922/AUY-922,VER-52296 MDL: MFCD14635361 MolFormulaC26H31N3O5 MolWeight465.547 Purity >99%

Chemical Name : NVP-AUY922/AUY-922,VER-52296

CAS : 747412-49-3

Synonyms: NVP-AUY922

Storage:at -20℃ 2 years


TG101209, an orally bioavailable small molecule that potently inhibits JAK2 (IC50=6 nM), FLT3 (IC50=25 nM) and RET (IC50=17 nM) kinases, with significantly less activity against other tyrosine kinases including JAK3 (IC50=169 nM). TG101209 inhibited growth of Ba/F3 cells expressing JAK2V617F or MPLW515L mutations with an IC50 of approx200 nM. In a human JAK2V617F-expressing acute myeloid leukemia cell line, TG101209-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis, and inhibited phosphorylation of JAK2V617F, STAT5 and STAT3. Therapeutic efficacy of TG101209 was demonstrated in a nude mouse model. Furthermore, TG101209 suppressed growth of hematopoietic colonies from primary progenitor cells harboring JAK2V617F or MPL515 mutations


TG101209, a small molecule JAK2-selective kinase inhibitor
potently inhibits myeloproliferative disorder-associated JAK2V617F
and MPLW515L/K mutations. Pardanani A, Hood J, Lasho T, Levine
RL, Martin MB, Noronha G, Finke C, Mak CC, Mesa R, Zhu H, Soll R,