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Cat.No.ABP000701 Chemical NameSorbitol(Glucitol)/ MDL: MFCD00064875 MolFormulaC6H14O6 MolWeight182.171 Purity >99%

Chemical Name : Sorbitol(Glucitol)/

CAS : 50-70-4

Synonyms: HEXANE-1,2,3,4,5,6-HEXOL

Storage:at -20℃ 2 years


Sorbitol(Glucitol) is a sugar alcohol and a sugar substitute. It occurs naturally in many stone fruits and berries from trees of the genus Sorbus. It often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. It can be used as a non-stimulant laxative via an oral suspension or enema and works by drawing water into the large intestine, thereby stimulating bowel movements Too much sorbitol trapped in retinal cells, the cells of the lens, and the Schwann cells that myelinate peripheral nerves can damage these cells, leading to retinopathy, cataracts and peripheral neuropathy, respectively.


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