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Cat.No.ABP000877 Chemical NameAG13958 MolFormulaC26H22FN7O MolWeight467.4976 Purity 98%

Chemical Name : AG13958

CAS : 319460-94-1

Synonyms: N-[2-Fluoro-5-[[3-[(1E)-2-(2-pyridinyl)ethenyl]-1H-indazol-6-yl]amino]phenyl]-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxamide

Storage:at -20℃ 2 years


SU5402 is a multiple target inhibitor of VEGFR2 (Flk-1/KDR) and FGFR1 (IC50 at 20 and 30 nM,respectively). This agent inhibits PDGFRβ and EGFR with IC50 values of 510 nM and > 100 μM, respectively. [1]SU 5402 inhibits tyrosine phosphorylation of VEGFR2 and PDGFR in NIH 3T3 cells with IC50 values of 0.4 and 60.9 μM, respectively. This agent inhibits embryonic left-right determination and exhibits potent anticancer activity in vitro and in vivo.


[1] Montero JA et al. Development. 2001 Jun;128(11):2075-84