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Vandetanib intermediate 1


Cat.No.ABP001048 Chemical NameVandetanib intermediate 1 MolFormulaC16H21N3O3 MolWeight303.3562 Purity 98%

Chemical Name : Vandetanib intermediate 1

CAS : 264208-69-7

Synonyms: 7-((1-methylpiperidin-4-yl)methoxy)-6-methoxyquinazolin-4(3H)-one


DCC-2618 has been designed to effectively inhibit the imatinib and sunitinib-sensitive KIT juxtamembrane domain mutants (JMD) as well as secondary resistant KIT kinase-domain mutants. DCC-2618 additionally targets PDGFR alpha oncogenic mutants [1]. Deciphera's technology has identified DCC-2618 as a molecule which can be developed as second line therapy for imatinib and sunitinib resistant GIST patients with the potential to progress to frontline GIST therapy. in vitro: DCC-2618 inhibits normal and mutant KIT kinase at the nanomol level. The targets are wt c-KIT, c-KIT mutants, PDGFR alpha, PDGFR beta, KDR and cFMS. DCC-2618 inhibits mutant KIT in GIST patient cell line (GIST T1 pKIT western Ex11 deletion) at a IC 50 of 2 nM [1].