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Cat.No.ABP000275 Chemical NameVX-222/VX222 MDL: MFCD18089858 MolFormulaC25H35NO4S MolWeight445.621 Purity >99%

Chemical Name : VX-222/VX222

CAS : 1026785-59-0

Synonyms: VX-222

Storage:at -20


VX-222 (HCV Infection) is a small molecule non-nucleoside inhibitor of HCV NS5B polymerase that is being investigated for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection. While the protease inhibitors (telaprevir and boceprevir) are the directly-targeted anti-HCV agents furthest along in the development pipeline, HCV polymerase - an enzyme responsible for copying viral genetic material-is also a promising target. VX-222 is a novel non-nucleoside HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor with potent in vitro activity. [1]


[1] 45th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL 2010).2010 April 14-18; Vienna, Austria