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Cat.No.ABP000327 Chemical NameCX-4945/CX4945 MolFormulaC19H12ClN3O2 MolWeight349.77 Purity >98%

Chemical Name : CX-4945/CX4945

CAS : 1009820-21-6

Synonyms: 5-(3-chlorophenylamino)benzo[c][2,6]naphthyridine-8-carboxylic acid


Storage:-20°C for 2 years


CX-4945 is a first-in-class, orally active, potent and selective inhibitor of the protein kinase CK2. It is currently in human clinical trials as a potential treatment for various cancers.

CX-4945 is a novel, orally administered small molecule designed to
potently and selectively inhibit protein kinase CK2, a previously unexploited molecular
target with well documented roles in many cancers. In vitro, CX-4945 selectively kills
cancer cells by modulating key survival pathways, resulting in inhibition of proliferation,
promotion of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. Pre-clinically, CX-4945 has demonstrated
single-agent potency in suppressing xenograft tumor growth with a wide therapeutic
window. The objectives of this phase I study are to determine the maximum tolerated
dose (MTD) and dose limiting toxicities (DLTs), to characterize the pharmacokinetics
(PKs), and to study the pharmacodynamic effects of CX-4945.


1.Phase I Clinical Trial of CX-4945: A First-in-Class, Orally Administered